Friday, September 11, 2009

caring enough....

i made it to the hot shower....
ohhhhh that felt good.

had a thought.

thinking about someone who's causing
a lotta pain.

the thought 'he just doesn't care' came
thru my head.

but that's not true.
and i knew that.
caught myself.

and rephrased it....
'he just doesn't care ENOUGH to do something
about it.'

hmmmmm i thought....that actually covers
a lotta people i know.

hmmmmm........does it cover me???

it's got to cover everyone depending on the

and so i asked myself....with my biggest challenge
in front of me....
do you care enough?

yeah. i do.

and i realized the work ahead of me if i
care enough.

and suddenly, i could let these other people
off the hook a bit....
i could see the work they'd need to do if they
cared enough.

and i could understand them not doin' it......


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