Friday, September 11, 2009

living the how

there's quite a weekend ahead for me....

there's my heart challenge (see post below)
and then more heart challenges of a different
kind on sunday.

i'll be taking a day trip to see a friend
of mine. to meet her parents. her dad is way
sick. it's a very long and complicated story.
one that has pulled on my heart in some very
big ways.

i'll be making the drive there and back alone.
which will be good. i'll need the time to think.

i will also be lucky enough to see one of my
best buddies perform this weekend. she's a musician
and the beauty of her music honestly brings me
to tears.

the mixture of emotions that i will be involved
with this weekend is incredible.

if i can honestly pull it in the
moment....concentrate on the HOW of living....
it will be magnificent.

i am going in with the awareness that's what
i want.

i'm also asking the universe for a little help
in pulling it all off......

i'll be quiet for a few days.
hopefully i'll be living the how.

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