Monday, September 14, 2009

safety nets

on my way out of town, we talked a bit on
the cell. we talked of what we had been thru
together this weekend and i said 'i feel like
we moved a mountain together.'

and i think we did.

the timing was perfect as i needed that
mountain moved by the time i headed back into
town. i needed my safety net at home.

he's such a big part of it. him and my boys.

we all planned to meet up together for smoothies
when i pulled back in.

just knowing they were there helped a ton.

i put on the heavy metal cd zakk had made
me and turned it up loud. i hadn't listened
on the way down. i didn't need it.

but coming home, it was totally soothing my
soul. cranked up really loud, i wanted to fly
down the highway. thank goodness all those cops
on the sides were keeping me in line.

i got there first.
ran to the bathroom.
walkin' out, i looked thru the windows and saw
him pulling into the parking lot.
i walked straight outta the place and straight
up to him. i grabbed him and held on.

'it went that well, huh??' he laughed.
i kept holding on.
'clutching' he called it.

the boys pulled in.
i was holding bob tight.
josh cleared his throat.
'oh josh, you can come over here. it's not
romantic or anything....i'm just clutching bob.'

he laughed.
they all gathered.
i unclutched.
then i hugged each one of them.
clutchy hugs.

sitting down to our smoothies, we talked.

i poured out all that was inside of me.

and they talked with me and thought with me
and cared.

as i slurrped down the last of my smoothie
i thought about how good it was to be home.

this time the safety net was for me. and i
needed it.

the coolest thing is that safety net is there
for each one of us. and i've seen it used by
each one of us. there's some knowing there.
there's some sense of being part of something
there. each one of us carries it. and i guess
it's the weaving of all of that that creates
the thickness of that net.

how totally cool to land in it yesterday.

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Merry ME said...

Safety net .... another name for home.