Monday, September 14, 2009

just wondering......

thinking about 'evil' a bit.

i rarely think about evil.


i avoid it.


i don't know what to think about it
so i usually leave it alone.

i dabbled with it very briefly.

i was thinking about being 'self absorbed.'

and all the many many many different levels
of that.

all the many different angles of that.

and how it seemed so harmful because it blocked
out love.....cause you can't see anyone else
when you're self absorbed, so you certainly
can't love someone else.

and also....i think seeing someone else somehow
helps you mirror your own being and helps you
love your own self. i think you need others to
love yourself somehow. not for their approval
of you...but for them acting as mirrors or

who knows.
that's another blog.

point tho was that i started thinking that being
self absorbed blocked love.

then i put it to the extreme.

and what people do to others for their own selves.

and i wondered if stuff that seemed so bad it had
to be in a category called evil...if that was an
incredible incredible level of self absorption.

and i wondered what you did with that when you saw

if they can't see can you reach in and
show them???

i wonder how it all works.....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

sometimes you can't reach in
if someone doesn't see it
sometimes showing love
modeling and example doesn't help

sometimes you just have to leave
the evil
and the self absorption
to the self absorbed

because maybe is up to them
and the universe
to teach

and even tho we love to teach
it isn't our class
and we aren't the instructor

xo xo xo