Monday, September 14, 2009

space for the knowing...

we sat around the table having coffee this
morning. two girlfriends and i.

i think women are incredible. we just
experience the full range of emotions
so easily.

there were some one liners that sent
me really laughing hard and then the
moments when the tears from the heart
just came tricklin' on out.

one friend in particular was strugglin'
with some stuff. so we concentrated on

kinda like that safety net.
we know it's there for all of us.
just wasn't our turn to use it.
it was her turn.

and of course, in trying to help her figure
her stuff out, we all were gettin' our
nudges for our own stuff.

i love that.

i saw real clearly that she just needs to give
it all some time, not rush herself and just
let the answers find her.

oh, i see that so easily when it isn't me.

she was good. knows that and is comfortable
with that.

i am not quite so good at that!!

the tone was searching.
none of us knew any answers.
we just asked a lot of questions,
threw out a lot of loose end thoughts,
and hung with her.
no judgments.
just questions.

i really like being with a group that doesn't
have the answers.

i like that a lot.

it feels way more real.
and it feels way more right.

and somehow in that
for the knowing is made.

we just need to wait.
and to listen.

and i just need to remember that!

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