Thursday, September 10, 2009

the who is the how....

not many of you may have the seventeen
minutes to spare....or even the interest
to get you there....

just thought i'd throw this out there

i just went over to our audio page.
i was a little hesitant as i haven't heard
one of these in years. and i was thinking
it may be painful to listen to....

but i really wanted to hear the concept
that i've forgotten.

so i went over.
there's a list of audio's.
this one is called 'the who is the how.'

you get a silly intro from my boys....
which i enjoyed just cause i love them.
it's only a couple of minutes.
and then this rambling thought offering
from me.

i actually think it's a decent thought.

in fact, it's real timely for me.
i needed a reminder.

so thought i'd post the link here for
anyone interested.

it's 17 min. if you've got some
time and a cup of tea.....go for it.

i'm gonna be thinking about it all today......

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