Sunday, October 4, 2009

a birthday weekend....

i gotta say, it didn't go at all like i
had hoped....

the birthday weekend.

and i couldn't tell you why.
i still don't really know.

it was okay.
not terrible.

i think there were a ton of reasons.
and they all mixed together and danced
beautifully together and made for one
not so fantastic but not terrible weekend.

here's the good news tho....

we didn't give up trying to reach each

we didn't give up trying to touch close.

and before it was over, we got there.

i think in a goofy sorta way, it was
really good because of that.

because of the caring and the effort
and the thought.

i keep thinking of that today.
we sure can bumble thru some stuff

but we sure do care when we mess it up.
enough to try to mend it.

i had a thought today.
about how different i am now with love.

i don't think there's a 'soul mate' out
there. i really don't.

and at the same time, i think bob's the one for me.

so explain that one, ter......

i think that he teaches me how to love.
and i think that i teach him.

and i think that if we can't learn with
each other, than we can't learn.

is that a soul mate?
i don't know what the heck it is.

it's two people who care a ton about
making it work between them.
who care a ton about keeping it honest.
who refuse to settle.
and who want to learn.

i don't think he's my soul mate.

but i do think he's my teacher.

before the weekend was over, we had
to stretch for each other.

we had to learn a little bit more.

and maybe that's an okay thing to do
on a birthday weekend.....

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