Friday, October 2, 2009

gearin' up for the celebrating!

i always thought 'boyfriend' was a really
stupid thing to call a grown man.

i never had a good word.
still don't.

finally one day it occurred to me that
'my ol' man' worked pretty good!

i like that one.
and it makes much more sense.

tonite the guys and i gather to start
the celebrating of mister bob's 50th

interesting to note, my hero of heroes is
stevie ray vaughan. and my ol' man's
birthday is the same as stevie's!

how cool is that?!!

we went out yesterday and got all the
essential black decorations and the old people
decorations. it was quite fun to gather
in the aisle and try to pick just the right
things out~! the guys were into it!

and in just a bit we'll all get together
and decorate the house up a bit.

it's gonna be good.

there's no one on earth quite like bob.
i still, after years, shake my head and wonder
how we are together. but i'm so glad we are.

what a mixture of wit and logic, wisdom and
ape like behavior. sensitivity and irreverence.
when i think he's going to be sensitive,
i get a crass joke. when i expect a crass joke,
i get wisdom.

one of my favorite moments was when i was grieving
my dad and he said something so irreverent that it
shocked me silly, my eyes got big, and then i
burst out laughing.

which was what he was aiming for.

he tried to make me laugh in the midst of a lot of
pain. and he did it.

a good guy all around.
a guy who deserves a whole lot more than he gets.
so we're gonna give him all he deserves tonite.

pass the party hats!

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