Tuesday, October 27, 2009


there he was yesterday.
on my answering machine.

he doesn't call that often....
and he sounded really bummed.

i returned his call.
'you doin' okay?'

he had a pretty terrible day, he told me...
and then he told me some stuff he was goin'

i feel real protective of him. kinda like he's
my little brother.

i listened, sympathized, rooted him on....

hung up.
wrote him a snail mail card....
to get there in a few days so he knows i'm
thinking of him...

and i am.
he's a sweetheart.
he's the guy i wrote this bone sigh for:

he had captured her heart,
touching her soul in an entirely
different way than anyone else ever had.
please god, let this last forever.

no. we never had any kinda romantic relationship.
he's just someone i love. he's someone different
than anyone else in the world. someone i care
about in an entirely different way than anyone

and i thought about him callin' me when he
was so down.
and i felt so lucky he did.


it matters.

those bonds between me and my friends....
they make my life golden.

holdin' him in my thoughts and feelin' way lucky
to be called his friend.

1 comment:

Merry ME said...

Being the recipient of a snail-mail card and "I'm thinking of you" sentiments from Terri, I can tell you that this friend of yours will feel your love and know you care. Your heart must be as big as the Empire State building. I'm so glad to be a part of your circle. I look for the day to be able to repay your generosity.