Monday, October 26, 2009

i do believe in magic. i do. i do.

about eight years ago, my world slammed
into a wall....

i was pretty dazed and lost....and i was
pretty darn sure that i didn't believe in
love any more.

that was a pretty big thing in my life...
questioning love.

it took me a few years to figure out it was
all around me. and that it had never left me
or my heart. and that it did indeed exist
in many cool ways.

then a few years ago, i got slammed without
even knowing i was being slammed.

and once again, i questioned love. the power
of it.

not its existence this time.
but its power.

last week, i posted what a friend said to me.
how she didn't buy i was 'disillusioned' with
love...but that maybe i was 'disappointed.'

yeah, okay.
i agree.

she keeps reminding me that i do believe in magic.

and yeah......i do.
i still do.

magic. love.
the power of both.
i do.

and i think i'm growin' up a little.
so maybe next time i get slammed i won't
toss love out the window?
well....nah....prolly will.

but what the heck......right now i got it.
and i'm tickled.

i do believe in love.
i do. i do.
i do believe in magic.
i do. i do.

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