Monday, October 26, 2009


i walked and thought of her...

her illness humbles her in a thousand ways
every day. i watched a little of that happen
this weekend and i wasn't sure what to do with
it all.

i thought about it this morning and what it
would be like to have the most every day things
become a challenge.

to have those challenges out in the open for
everyone to see....

how that would have to humble you so much.

how hard it would be.

i walked.
thought of her.
thought of me.
thought of my life.

when i turned the corner and saw the pink in
the area i'm now calling the sky's stage...
something kinda hit really deep...

somehow i think i understood this morning the
deal that life isn't guaranteed for you.
it's not guaranteed that you'll have it.
it's not guaranteed that it will be easy.

somehow, for a moment there, the gift that it
is really hit deep.

i was humbled by all that i have.
i was humbled by all the goodness in my life.

it's not guaranteed.
and there's no sayin' it'll stay.

i've got it today.

and to not see it, seemed like a crime.

i truly feel humbled by it all.

'humbled'....what a word.
i understand it with my friend's illness.
i understand it with the gift of my life.

aren't they just two really different things?
the two different instances of humble???
maybe not...
maybe it's knowing it's beyond you.
maybe it's knowing you're not in charge.

with the good and the bad.

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Michelle Shopped said...

i love that's a beautiful reminder word...