Wednesday, October 7, 2009

a child of the universe.....

this made me grin thru half my walk....
a memory that came up for me....

it's a little embarrassing to type out
because i really sound like a weirdo.
but what the heck, i think it's funny.
i think i've posted it before, so how
embarrassed can i really be??? ummmm...
a little....

and bob....well, he sounds like a saint.
sometimes i really really wonder how he's
hung in there with me....

we were together a few years back.
just bein' together.
when all of a sudden out of the blue something
hit ran thru my head like a bolt of
lightening and i really 'got' it.....
i just stopped everything and sat up.

what?? he wanted to know.

i looked at him, kinda dazed.
how on earth do i tell him???

there was no other way.
i had to tell him with the very words that hit me.

and i looked at him, totally elated and said
'bob, i just really really got hit with this message.'

and he's really curious now.
'okay, what??'

and thinking there was no other thing to do but just
say it, i blurt out 'i'm a child of the universe!'

i am just laughing as i type this and remember this.

i was so dead serious.
i totally 'got' that i was a child of the universe,
and i was elated.

it was at a time i felt really like i had no family.
no parents. and the whole idea of being a child of
the universe just felt so incredibly good.

i remember bob's face....
and i'm laughing.
how has that totally normal man who never heard words
like 'aura' or 'chakra' before or never thought he knew
anyone gay before, or never thought about any of this
stuff that fills my has he hung in there???

and as i walked today, i looked at the sky.
i had forgotten the feeling of being a child of the universe.
i had forgotten.

and i was remembering again this morning.
how do i forget these things???

i got tickled all over again.

i love that phrase just brings visions
of women in moo moo dresses to me with flowers in
their hair......

but as weird as it sounds to tickles me
equally as much!!!!

i'm headin' to breakfast with a big ol' fat grin
on my face.....

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Chuck Dilmore said...

just lovely
to read!