Wednesday, October 7, 2009

a quick lunch!

josh's best buddy was in town yesterday.
and he drove out to see josh.

and i got an invite to lunch.
i didn't want to intrude, so i declined.
got a rather insistent invitation, so
accepted if it was quick and i gave them
time together on their own.

so i got to have lunch with two of my
favorite guys.

i call his buddy 'my other son'.....cause
he really is like one to me. a good good guy.

we were all in the kitchen making lunch and
josh gave the lead up telling me his buddy had
some interesting news.

i looked up thinking for sure it was wedding news.
nope.....maybe relocating back east before too long.

and so he filled me in.
and it was so cool to listen to this young man
and all that was goin' on in his life and his thoughts
and desires....

i'm always the 'go for it' influence. i'm always
tellin' him 'you want it, go do it.' and that's what i
told him again. i know he can do anything he wants.

what was cool was as the conversation went on thru lunch,
each of us shared things that were happening and each
of us valued what the other was saying and wanted their

they weren't little boys by any means.
they are incredible young men with so much to offer.

as a mom, that never ceases to be a thrill to me.

to experience moments like that. well, that's the pay off,
isn't it??

and i thought of all the struggles that had been whirling
inside with all the talk of rape and violence against women
everywhere. i even talked to them both about it.

these sons and their friends.....
these guys give me so much hope.
these guys remind me of the greatness of men.

not bad for a quick lunch!

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Chuck Dilmore said...

the next generation
is sweeping through like a wave

taking all that
violence crap out to sea
to become fresh coral reefs,
do some good

you're writing...
it's very easy to drink - thank you!