Wednesday, October 7, 2009


i was a little bit behind schedule today...
as i walked past her house on the way back
to mine, i saw her door was open.

that's her signal for me to stop.
sometimes i do. sometimes i don't.
i walked by her driveway.
i'm late.
i'll stop another day.

i totally passed her house.
and then i turned around.

just say hey, terri.
make it quick.

i ring her doorbell and peek
in her door. she lights up.

i can't stay but a second, i say.
i'm not even gonna sit down cause
then i'll stay.

she looks me dead in the eye and
says real firm 'SIT!'

i sat right down.

oh man......
and we chatted.
and somehow we ended up talking about
how amazing women were.

and i decided to tell her that i thought
she was pretty amazing. and that she
created a life where people cared about her.

i asked her if she'd help yo learn how to
iron his shirt later today.

i grinned.

told her about some shindig he's got coming
up tomorrow nite and how he's got a new shirt
that needs ironing.

i smiled at her.
'you realize it has nothing to do with ironing'
i told her.

'just thought it was a good way he could share
it with you. you're life his gramma.'

she really is an amazing woman.
it was nice to have a chance to tell her so.

isn't that part of learning how to say goodbye, ter?

gonna have to pay attention to her open door more

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