Tuesday, October 6, 2009

in the works.....

in a minute, i'll be turning to trying to make a place
where i can post those notes and pictures from patty.
(see posts below)
it'll take me a bit here, as i'm technically slow.
but i'll get it.
i will be offering three bone sighs (two i have yet to make
but will also get that done!!!) to sell. all money will be
donated to patty's group.

one of the bone sighs i just made. i made it for a friend
who had so much abuse when she was little that she can't
find the strength to go back and find her inner child.
i had been thinking of that. wondering if i could go back
and hold her for her. and that's how this bone sigh was born.

as i was driving today, i was listening to an inner child
song. i thought of all the kids who see such darkness and
how maybe they will grow up unable to go back and get their
inner child.

i decided that that bone sigh would be one of the ones i offer
for the donation site.

i want to share the three quotes i'll be working with....

just cause.

your inner child

we can't leave her.
you know we can't.
you can't get her.
i know you can't.
i'll go get her.
i'll go hold her.
i'll keep her warm.
until you can come
and hold her too.


she was the first layer.
with layers inside layers.
her tears opening fold after fold.
infinity inside one.

they were the next layer.
women the world over.
their pain sending tremors thru the
very fabric of the earth.
one inside infinity.

dancing and falling.
rising and crumbling.
digging deeper and farther.
weaving dignity and honor.
layer after layer.
infinity becomes one.
one becomes infinity.

a roar

hearing her pain,
she stood up and spoke out loud.
another heard.
another spoke.
forming a circle around the wounded,
they bared their scars to one another.
gently they whispered.
we are one.
we are not in this alone.
we are one.
the chant grew stronger.
and stronger.
and stronger.
until a roar shook the earth.
and the world listened.

to all those who wrote me today and tried
to help me understand some of this pain
and to try to just be there for me...thank you.

you make my world beautiful.

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