Tuesday, October 6, 2009

angels walk among us...

her name is patty.
the beautiful young woman who sent the notes
from south africa mentioned in the blog below.

patty commented on that blog.
and it needs to be a blog in itself........
so i'm putting it here.
she also commented on facebook.
i had no idea she was one of my friends on
facebook. no kidding. i have a lotta people
come thru cause they like bone sighs and they
friend me. i have no idea how many angels are
walkin' right beside me every single day.
what an incredible eye opener that was for me.

patty, i bow down to your spirit.
you inspire me and you make me want to be more.

and now.......patty's comment:

Patricia Michael Melnice has left a new comment on your post "non coherent":

Terri, It is me . . . Patty . . . writing you from South Africa. I know this is hard stuff to read and digest. Somedays it is so far out of my grasp, I feel like I've been sucked into a black hole, but then the women and children give me a hand, pull me up, and once again I see light and hope and joy, yes . . . even joy!

They are so strong. It will be the women that will rise up and change this part of the world. They are beginning . . . they are beginning to say NO! . . . they are beginning to show their power in new ways. They are warriors and they are putting on their armor that will force this patriarchal society to step back and say . . . maybe it is time to change our views of women and children. Maybe we have lost our path from what the ancients intended. There are tribal traditions that are rich in purpose and steeped in honor and respect. Traditions that give them their own unique fingerprint. There are men here that aren't animals . . . they are men of integrity and dignity. I am sorry they are the minority in my opinion.

I have hope. I believe in my sisters! They are finding their way. We can all take part. As women, we must stand strong with them . . . together we can become a force for good. We have a voice. We can help! I can bear witness to their lives and then share it . . . shout it . . . talk and write about it. We can love and support each other. We are gathering momentum. We are going to make it . . . we are going to protect our children and our sisters and have the guts to stand up and say, "NO! this is wrong and I am willing to pay the price of turning you in to the police", and then I will watch like a hawk to see that the police do their job . . . and we will all be part of the change that the world will see. We will. We must.

Stand strong. Stand tall! We are mighty and we are sacred women. We are the power that will move the world to a higher vibration . . . one of peace and love. Don't give up hope. Together with linked arms, we are unstoppable. We will refuse anything less than victorious. Daily, I am learning and my wounded, beaten, and raped sisters and children have become my teachers. Through me and others, they are witnessing a dream for a better life . . . new hope . . . one of respect and proof that they are worthy of it all. AMEN.

With love on a hot, sunny day in S. Africa - Patricia Michael Melnice


AlmightyHeidi said...

*GOOSEBUMPS* Wow..again speechless...empowered, enlightened, and in awe.

Merry ME said...

Patty speaks a truth that I have heard several times in the last week. When the women of the world unite, perhaps then there will be peace.