Monday, October 12, 2009

the final day!

we had our final day yesterday....
to a town about an hour from here.

there was a store down there i needed
to swap some art with. there was an
art fest that some friends were vending
at and little did we know...there was
a parade coming thru too! we ended up
staying hours longer than we thought we

the parade was so incredibly small town
that it turned out to be fantastic.
yo and josh went nuts takin' pictures and
zakk and i stood there commentating the
whole event. it was prolly the best parade
i have ever been too....because it was so
bad. it was great fun.

the highlight for me came on the drive home.
once again, i was in back with mister 6'4".
i was mindlessly swooshing water in my mouth.
yo noticed and looked at me. i looked over,
still swooshing.

i saw fear flicker across his face and his
body actually jerked back a bit as it occurred
to him i might end up spitting it out on him.
which i had no intention of doing.
but once i saw this, it totally cracked me up.

now i was stuck.
i could neither laugh nor swallow.

yo and i were laughing about this later and he
said 'you had to chose between spitting on me
or choking, and you were goin' for choking!'

and i was. i suddenly was stuck not sure what
to do and i started choking. yo handed me a cup
to spit it all out in.

and we doubled over laughing on each others

the guys in the front were tryin' to figure out
what was happening.

later, describing it to bob, i knew it was a
'you had to be there' kinda thing.

and you did.

there's a rhythm in families that fascinates me.
there's a rhythm in mine that i love.

that was happening thru out the water spitting
incident and i loved it.

it happened all thru our vacation.
and made it terrific.

as we said goodnite last nite, everyone commented
on what a great 'vacation' we had. the guys thanked
me for my generosity.

my generosity???
we took day trips.
it was hardly the vacation of the century.
and yet...we all felt like we lived like kings.

that right there is what i'm most grateful for.
the joy and abundance we felt doin' nothing in

i'm headin' back to work today feelin' good.....

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