Sunday, October 11, 2009

who knew?

a friend commented on the part of my post in the perfect
day about when i look at a subway shop and remember
a really hard time....

she commented that she does that with the panera her
and i were having tea at when i got the call there...from
josh....that my dad had a stroke.

i remember meeting her there a long time afterwards,
and she was so sensitive about it. not sure i'd be okay
bein' there.

i go there all the time. it's the place i go to meet up
with people. never stopped even after that morning.

so when i read her comment, i wondered about that.
how come i don't think of that when i go in there?
i rarely ever do. how come i could go back so easily?
i was thinking it's cause i had gone there so much, other
things have happened there too. lots of life actually.
it really is my hang out place.

and then i thought of something.....
i hadn't even realized.

i drink tea there. a lot.
i have never once gotten the same kind of tea as
i had that morning.

not once.

i never thought of that until she commented.


i hadn't even consciously realized it.

i never want to drink that tea again.

amazing what things drive us that we don't even

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t2 said...

This is soooooooo ironic ---- I know EXACTLY which kind of tea you are referring to - here's how I know - you were talking to the staff member there about the tea - this is before we got the call - and I made a mental note to myself to send you some of that tea as a gift, because you had remarked to the gentleman about how much you loved it - I never sent you that tea, because....well, you know why.....and now I'm so glad I listened to my instincts. Yep, instincts are good. {{{ }}}