Monday, October 19, 2009

it's about love

a good friend just dropped me a note.
i haven't even answered her yet.
she got my head spinning and i came over
here to unspin it.

she received an awesome cool gift and wants
to be sure to use it to her fullest. and
she's nervous about that.

just before i got her note, i was getting
a birthday present together for someone i
love very much and who i never thought would
make it to her 60th year! i wanted something
really special to honor that. i keep thinking
'wow, we'll be together to celebrate this.'

so somehow these two things morphed together
in my mind and i thought of the incredible
gift of life we've got.

talk about a really awesome cool gift.

and i thought about using it to my fullest.
just like my friend wants to do with the gift
she just received.

so what the heck does that mean?
does that mean the pressure's on and i'd better
do great big things??
that can't be it.
so what is it?

i really really think it's to fill my gift with
as much love as i can.
isn't it?
doesn't that have to be it?

that's gotta start with self love.
it's gotta include understanding and compassion
and forgiveness.
spreading peace and good things...and joy!
i can't forget the joy!
all of that stuff....

that's gotta be it, don't ya think?

this incredible gift we've got.
i have thought about a gazillion times how
lucky i am not to be a woman where patty is
right now. i have thought about a gazillion
times of the childhood i had and how lucky
i have been.

i have this incredible gift in my hands.
and my friend and her concern for using another
gift she just got, has reminded me of that.
and my other friend who is here to celebrate
her 60 years with me, reminds me of that too.

it's a gift.
nah, we don't have to do big great things...
but we should think about what it means to
us not to waste it.
ya know?

for me, i'm thinking it's about love......

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