Tuesday, October 20, 2009


he's a really cool guy who lives in alaska.
i'm a big fan of both his photographs and him.

he shared some work with me last nite and i wrote
him back in complete awe.

he wrote this wonderful note back talking
about seeing the miracles all around us every day.

'no reason to wait for a miracle to happen.
we are in one all the time' he wrote.

how can you not love this guy??

he was kind enough to write that i'm someone not
afraid to see things in this world that are so
easy to overlook and ignore.

that thought popped into my head this morning.
i had been out wandering my yard.
i'm tired today. i've been pushin' hard for a
few weeks and it's caught up to me.
i never got a chance to get out and take care
of my yard like i had planned.

i looked at all the projects. ohhhh i gotta
take care of that. and that. and that over there.
and oh this. yep. this too.

i sat down in a tired heap.
just sat there and told myself it's okay. it
will all get taken care of and i just need to
relax about it.

i did manage to see some really pretty sky and
noticed it. but i didn't pay much other attention
to the leaves changing, or the gorgeous crisp
feeling in the air, or any of the other miracles
all around me.

too tired.
too distracted.

and then i thought of this guy's note.
nah, i'm not afraid to see the miracles...
i just need to REMEMBER to see them!

everything is perspective.

he wrote, 'creation didn't happen thousands
of years ago. it is happening now, in each
moment. it is happening all around us constantly.'

i love that.

it certainly can change your days, can't it?

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