Thursday, October 8, 2009

a little cleaning, a little thinking, a little singing....

the guys and i are gonna make it a family
weekend comin' up. so tomorrow we start goofin...

i have this minimum cleaning thing i gotta do.
i can't leave a dirty bathroom and i gotta get
the top layer of dust off the place. no dishes
in the dish strainer, then i'm okay to leave.
it's a hang up of mine.

so there i was on my knees, head behind the toilet,
cleaning the floor, listening to a song blarin'
in the bathroom.

the line comes on 'somewhere somehow someone
musta kicked you around some....'

and i thought of a note i had just received
from a friend.

he was sharin' something goin' on with him and
someone and it really sucked. he was gettin'
kicked around some.

but he was eating it.
cause he felt he had to.

then i thought of a conversation i had just had
about an hour earlier with a girlfriend who
was tryin' to figure a lesson out where she
got kicked around some.....

and i shook my head. kept cleaning and thinking.

we all get kicked around some.

the song continues....
tell me, baby, why you want to lay there and revel
in your abandon....

oh yeah.

everyone's got to fight to be free......

i'm done cleaning the floor, i stand up,
singing along....

oh yeah, it's easy for me to tell my friends
'what the heck you doin'? why you lettin' yourself
get kicked around some?'

but i know better.....
if it was easy, if it was black and white, if there
was never a family member involved, if it all made
sense, it would be so easy.....

i headed out to the living room to clean a bit,
still singing....

'you gotta fight to be free....'

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Piltdown Man said...

Tom Petty knows the score