Saturday, October 31, 2009

the monster jam rocked....

it was the monster jam...
the recital josh was hosting for his students.

i stood in the back yard, in the dark, in my
garden fairy outfit watchin' josh's students
take their turns playin' for everyone.

josh stood to the side, ready to aid anyone
who needed it while his brothers crept here
and there taking pictures of the kids.

the stage was his back porch. his dining room
with table filled with goodies lit up behind

i looked at the crowd of parents and students...
i looked at josh's house lit up...
and i watched josh do his thing.

with each student, he'd tell a little something
about them before they got up, then when they
were done, he'd comment on something they did
great as they played.

one of the mom's walked by me in the dark.
touched my shoulder. i turned toward her.
she said i must be very proud to have the sons
i had....

i really really am.

yo scooted by me hurryin' to get another
angle shot of one of the guitar players...

i smiled at him.

looked over at zakk who was crouchin' takin'
a shot from a different angle....

they had helped set up the stage.
lugged all the equipment as josh is just
gettin' over the flu.....
did all the heavy work.
now lurked in the shadows takin' pictures.

i backed up, stood under a tree and just
soaked it in.

really really proud.

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