Saturday, October 24, 2009

my song.....

i stopped by josh's place.
they had gone over there to record the
inner child song i posted here before....

they're recording it for the tough angels site...
to help raise donations for patty in south africa.

this song has become part of me....
it's all about inner child work and finding ourselves

i got there to hear the first take.

i cried.
my friends hugged me.
josh laughed. said that he'd only recorded for one
other group...a punk rock group....and the energy was
so different.
no tears then, he said.
just lots of mountain dew.

we laughed.

they were set up in the garage.
i grabbed a stool near the window out of the way
and watched.

they were tracking things separately to mix together

two women singing....and guitar.

it was time for her to do her singing part.
she had the headphones on so she could hear her guitar

all i could hear was her voice.

i looked out the window at the pouring rain.

her voice belted out this song i've been singing
to myself over and over again for about a month.

she's one of my best friends.
the friend who's seen all parts of me.
the friend who held my hand thru my darkness....

she means the world to me.

and her talent overwhelms me.

there she was, booming out this song....
and there's this line in the song....
where the woman goes back to find herself...

'you're shining, i can see you.
you're smiling, that's enough....'

and the tears just rolled down my face.

the rain...the tears...the lyrics....
and her voice.....

it was so strong a mix....

i held my inner child inside me......

and let her know....i wasn't gonna ever leave
her again.....

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