Thursday, October 29, 2009

okay. psychology. why?

i got bummed yesterday.
a friend was knockin' a mutual friend.
and it just was so wrong.
i did all the stuff i should have done
and handled it well.
but my insides were churning.
it was bothering me.

why do we have to do that?
why do we have to think bad of each other?

i was tellin' yo yo about it and just bein'
bummed when he said 'okay. psychology. WHY
do you think she did that?'

i answered him.
but it wasn't til this morning that i realized
how cool that whole thing was.

first of all....that's what i do to the guys.
same thing. i say 'okay. psychology. why?
why did they do that?'

i try to teach them to look for the understanding
and see what's underneath.

and there he was turning the tables on me so quick.

and it actually does help.

it makes me think of that line in that song i like...
'it's not the love that dies, it's the understanding ways.'

we gotta keep understanding each other.

yo helped me remember that.

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