Thursday, October 29, 2009

the strangest bonds...

there was the famous red truck.
parked down at the new home site.
strike that...
parked down at the sky's stage area.

and the little white truck was there too.

two of the supervisor guys were back
and they were hangin' out talkin'.

i walked over to say hello.
it'd been awhile.

we all seemed glad to see each other.
how weird is that?

one of them turned to me and told me i
was a 'brave little lassie.'

oh yeah?
and he told me about almost getting hit
by a car, and told me how the construction
cone got thrown into him....ewww....

i told him i was only goin' around the block
these days. he actually seemed relieved.
and made a comment about bein' an attractive
woman walking alone.

i caught the 'attractive' part and grinned.
i've seen myself on these walks. that's not
the word i woulda used. but i liked it just
the same.

and i got a kick outta how they cared.
told them about the only time i had a problem.
and one got all concerned and asked 'was this
when we were here?'

nah, before. i said.

i grinned again.

they are knucklehead men who i have nothing
in common with, we speak different languages...
but i tell ya, the fact that they were feelin'
protective was really cool. the fact that we
all were glad to see each other, was so good.

i told them that they were now sitting in the
sky's stage area.

i smiled.
watched their faces.
one of them said 'that's real pretty.'
yeah, i said.

i smiled, waved goodbye and went back to the
arms of the sky as i headed home....feelin'
grateful for all the awesome people i know in
my life...

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