Thursday, October 29, 2009

shush little one...

i walked slow.
it was gray out.
really peaceful.
i had the feeling of snugglin' up close
next to my mom and just layin' my head in
her lap.
that's what this morning felt like to me.

i didn't know how much i needed that.
how much i needed a break.
just someone strokin' my hair and sayin'
'shush, little's all okay.'

i've been in a great mood lately.
busy, happy.

but this morning's break in the arms of
the universe felt so soothing.

shush, little really is all okay.

1 comment:

t2 said...

This actually brings back a great memory for me. I don't remember my Mom every doing this (long story in itself) but as a young adult I had a dear friend who was older than me and when life was getting to me she used to let me lay in her lap like that. Now, I was like 20-25 years old, but having never experienced that before, it meant the world to me. I adored her. She passed away but her memory certainly lives on. Thanks for the lovely reminder, Ter.....