Wednesday, October 28, 2009

little terri and the guys

i guess if we were gonna be logical about it,
we'd just say it's my playful, carefree side.

and of course, people like to be around playful
and carefree.

but i don't know if it's all logic.

and what throws me is all these logical guys in
my life aren't callin' it that.

my sons and bob all refer to that side of me as
'little terri.'

okay, it took bob a little while. he's the engineer.
and he said it was all really weird.
but now......he still says it's all really weird,
but will actually refer to little terri on a regular

i can either say 'my playful, carefree side has been
coming out more' or i can tell you that little terri
lives and is havin' a ball! same thing....maybe.

i've noticed that all the men in my life are way more
happy when little terri shows up.

and i find that fascinating.

it hasn't always been that way.

there were times when they didn't know what to do.
when they looked confused, bewildered, unsure.

and now that they've all heard each other actually say
out loud 'little terri' and they've all seen the concept
getting accepted, there's not only a way higher comfort
level....there's a desire for that part of me to be

how cool is that?!

and it's like this amazing circle.
cause the more they're okay with it, the more i let
her out!!!

the more i let her out, the happier i get.....
the happier they are around me.

i look at these logical guys. engineer brains.
guys who are happy to see me happy.
and even tho it's weird, they tell me they're
concerned if they haven't seen little terri in

they want to know what's up and where is she.

i feel incredibly excited to be getting more and
more in touch with that side of me.
and i feel beyond thrilled to have guys in my life
who look for that side of me as much as i do!

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