Wednesday, October 28, 2009

god, goofin' and ministers

i bumped into the elderly black minister
who lives around the corner.

i point out he's black, cause i honestly
think there's a difference between elderly
white ministers and elderly black ministers.

i like elderly black ministers better.
i do.

or at least, i like this guy way better than
most any minister i ever met.
he totally rocks.

he and his wife are the neighbors who gave us
the treadmill.

i stopped to tell him how much fun i've been
having with it. i talked right over him, i was
so excited.

'terri, you just talked over a minister. be quiet.'
i could hear the voice in my head.

i slowed down a bit and let him talk too.

he's a good guy, and someone i can carry on
with. i find myself crying and laughing with this
man. we joked a bit, then i headed on my way.

he called after me 'god go with you.'

i turned, smiled, waved....

and thought 'yeah, god goes with me.'

as i turned back i thought 'he's got to know that
already. god goes with me always.'

hmmmmm....i hadn't really thought about that much.
not even sure what i mean by that...

but i liked the thought.
and it made me think i wasn't aware enough of
how holy my days really were.

i thought of something we had said together that
made us laugh. i like people i can laugh with.
there are some people i meet and just leap into
'carry on' mode. and we goof and laugh and have fun.

i thought about god goin' with me.
my days bein' holy.
and goofin' and carryin' on with people.

i think goofin' is one of the holiest things you can

how cool is that?!

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Christie said...

It's been awhile since I've been over here, glad I came. Like the goofin being "holy" part a lot. Maybe cause I tend to be too serious too much. I think I'll make an effort to goof more today. Yeah...holy can be fun! Thanks for being my teacher today!