Friday, October 23, 2009

sky blue eyes

i passed a field i love.
it's one of my favorite places to look
at the colors and now that i'm stickin'
to walkin' just my block, i think it will
be my new goodmorningworld spot.

i have to plan on how i view it tho.
it was so spectacular this morning
i had to take the corner opposite it and
just stop and stand there and look.

it's filled with all these shades of pumpkin
colors like you wouldn't believe. wow.
i just stood there in awe of it.

i turned and headed back down the street.
saw a neighbor, her knee's been botherin'
her. she had a cane. as i walked away, i
thought of how lucky i was that my knees
were doin' so good.

and i looked up.


the sky was so big.

the sky was just so so so big.

i couldn't believe how big it was.

it was glorious. my insides filled with
wonder. how'd it do that? how'd it get so
big this morning? and i couldn't stop looking
at it.

a guy from the neighborhood rode up on his
bike. asked me if i had fifty cents. i was
locked in with the sky. it was SO hard to turn
to him. but i did......i turned my head away
from the sky just for a moment. smiled big,
said i didn't even have a penny and waved as
i went back to the sky.

i wonder if he noticed.
i wonder if he looked to see what i was looking
at......i wonder if he saw.

i rounded the corner. where they tore all the
trees down. one thing i gotta say is they made
one heck of a stage for the sky to present itself.

i don't think i'm going to think of it as the
new home site anymore....i think i'm gonna think of
it as the sky's stage.

ohmygosh.......i just soaked it in.
and the tears came. it was so beautiful.
that's where i feel like i'm from, i thought.
that's where i feel like i belong.

and i grinned.

i imagined bob's voice in my ear.
teasin' me.

maybe it's hormones, i thought.
how can anyone really feel like this?

i'm not hormonal, i thought.
that's just where i come from.....
there's something inside me that knows it.

i came into my studio and threw open the
windows. i'm lettin' sky in today.....

cause it's just so big i think it needs
to leak on out everywhere this morning.....

i'm gonna fill my heart with it and
carry it with me all's gonna
leak out my eyes.

people are gonna say 'ohhh your eyes are
so blue...why, i do believe they're SKY BLUE

i'll smile and nod and say why yes, i do
believe they are.

and me and the sky....we'll know what's goin'

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Nurse Practitioner Sue said...

I feel like that all the time. I am obsessed and completely in love with the sky. I feel like I am one with it, and I never, ever tire of it. The hardest part is remembering to NOTICE.