Wednesday, October 14, 2009

unanswerable questons and good company

a friend's been on my mind today.
she lost her mama recently. we put out our
newsletter today and mentioned her.
and something she said last nite in a note
has been hangin' inside me.
so between it all, she's on my mind.

because of the mention in the newsletter,
which just happened to kinda go with the quote
of the day we sent out today, i've been hearin'
from a few people dealin' with the loss of a

when i get these notes, i so wish i could do
something. and i know....there's nothing i can do.

i had read something this morning tho....and someone
just wrote i typed it to her.

it's from 'my grandfather's blessing.'
wanted to share it as i really thought it was good.

'Mystery requires that we relinquish an endless search for answers
and become willing to not understand. That we be open to
witness. Those who witness life may eventually know far more than
anyone can understand.
Perhaps real wisdom lies in not seeking answers at all.
Any answer we find will not be true for long.
An answer is a place where we fall asleep as life moves past
us to its next question. After all these years I have begun to
wonder if the secret of living well is not in having all the answers
but in pursuing unanswerable questions in good company.'

i certainly feel like i'm forever pursuing unanswerable questions.
and i am blessed enough to be surrounded by good company.

thank you for bein' part of that.....

and to those struggling.......i wish it were easier sometimes.
i really do.

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