Wednesday, October 14, 2009

wishin' and whooshin'.....

i'm still tryin' to get the hang of just
walkin' on the treadmill and then goin' out
to my yard for bein' with the sky time.
i figure there's a learning curve. i'm bein'

i went out this morning and grabbed a bucket
full of dried money plants that i have.
if you don't know money plants, you really
need to. when they go to seed, the stems get
dry and the seed pods are these flat round
dirty brown things. if you rub off the outer
shell, the seeds fall out, and you get this
gorgeous silvery white round thing attached
to the stalk.

they're really cool and beautiful.

but if you don't rub off that outer shell,
they don't look pretty at all.

so i'm sittin' there with a pile of these things,
rubbin' off the outer shell. marveling at the

hmmmm......doesn't take too long before i get
to thinking. i wish i could just do this for
my girlfriends. just whoosh, rub off that all that
stuff they carry around and show them their beauty.

i thought of the outer shell as their blindness to
their own beauty. if i could just rub off all our

i got to thinking about the plants.

i love them all the way thru.
they come up in the spring. big ol' leaves that
let you know you're gettin' one heck of a plant
comin' up.

then it's blossom time.
their purple blossoms are so perky and happy.
i never want them to go away.

then they get icky. kinda covered in this
dirty color that just hides everything.

then you just whoosh the ick away and they shine.

oh man.
all this really got me thinking about women.
yeah, probably people.
but since i hear mostly women's stories....
i think of women.

how we come out rarin' to go. if we're lucky,
we're still perky and gorgeous by bloom time.
and then.....pretty soon there's too much ick.
and we get to feelin' just so not pretty,or so
not worthy. or so not like we matter.

i think of the very name, money plant.
i think it's called that cause when it's all
whoosed off, what's left looks like silver dollars?
i'm not sure.

but what's money symbolize?
power? value?
oh yeah.
this is the right plant.

i start naming a woman for each pod i'm whooshing.

mary. whoosh.
tina. whoosh.
lynn. whoosh.
carol. whoosh.
cams. whoosh.
denise. whoosh.
heidi. whoosh.
sue. whoosh.
jina. whoosh.
patty. whoosh.
charlice. whoosh.
rita. whoosh.
diane. whoosh.
laura. whoosh.

and on and on i went.
i got carried away.
i went on and on and on and on.
i pictured each friend. named all i could think of.
'see your beauty' i'd wish as i'd whoosh.

see your beauty. know your value.

i have a whole pile waiting out there for me to
still do.

i'm gonna keep on namin' women as i keep on whooshin'.

if you felt a little zap this morning, it was just
me whooshin' on you.

see your beauty. know your value.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful as always, but could you send me another zap? I'm really tired 2day... ;)

t2 said...

do it again! do it again!
Whoosh me, Ter!

AlmightyHeidi said...

You dont know how much I needed that. A co-worker today came in and said howya doin fat girl..he thought it was funny..from a woman that cant even look in the mirror from all the verbal abuse from a past relationship...oh it hit me to the core...having a hard time tonight..Just when i'm starting to heal..i get a stupid comment like this...