Friday, November 6, 2009

the dream gods left me a gift....

it was an unusual building....i was in part of
it and there was a river inside of it. and
something was poisoning the fish. they were
dying. it was icky. i went off in search of
what was doing this. and i came to this big
open room that you could see out of all sides,
including the ceiling.

i thought it belonged to the rich guy i knew.
this place had to belong to a rich person.
he must live here, i thought. he must own it.

no. it was totally open for anyone. i wandered
in with complete awe. the first thing i said
was 'wooooooooowwwwww look at all the sky you
can see.'

and then......the big waves started coming.
really really big waves.

but i was safe in the room.
so the waves weren't a threat.
i stood under them. watched them come towards me,
curl over me and i was in awe of their power, their
size, their strength....but i wasn't scared of them.
i was thrilled to be standing there watching them....
i could feel their mist. that was in the room. but that
was all...


there's more. but i know reading someone else's dreams may
not be all that interesting.
but that part....i thought i had to share......
cause that part seemed profound to me.

it's still inside me. i'm just kinda walkin' around with
it in my hands real gently feelin' like i got a really
cool gift from the dream gods last nite....

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