Thursday, November 5, 2009

again....i see god.

something just happened to me.

something cool.

i've been doin' an internal battle for a few days here.

not sure what it's about....and keep tryin' to argue
with the negativity and anger that's runnin' thru me.

today i was cleaning thru my mail box.
i came across a note from a woman who wrote some time
ago. she was having a rough time. i had asked her
what was goin' on and she didn't have the strength
to tell me at that point. i left her alone.

i came across her note today, and sent her a note telling
her so and that i hoped things were better for her.

she wrote back tonite.
and she told me what she had been thru.

mygosh, i read some amazing stories.
i sat there and read and shook my head and thought of
all the layers and layers of grief she must be feeling.

and somehow...i don't know how....i'm not sure why....
something shifted in me as i read. something lifted that's
been sitting on me for days.

i wrote her back. and here's part of what i said.....

i wrote something in my blog earlier this morning......
about sharing the dark stuff with people.......
how there's so much dark....
but one of the holy parts of it all
is the sharing and the caring that happen.

i left something out.....
it's the shifting out of our selves, out of our funks.....
that also happens.

and that also is holy.

her note somehow refocused me.
shifted me.
it's not the me feelin' better part i'm talkin' about
here that is so cool (altho that is too!)
it's the fact that we can be moved so deeply by others
that it can truly move something inside us.

it's the fact that we need each others stories.

and thru the stories of others, our own get shifted.

again......i see god.

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