Thursday, November 5, 2009

just a little touch of god...

she was nervous about halloween nite this year.
worried about givin' out candy on her own.
so the guys, bob and i went and hung out with
her during trick or treat hours.

she loved it.
we had one set of trick or treaters....
and a whole ton of left over candy.

another neighbor stopped by.
he was chattin' and one thing led to another
and he told us the story of his wife losing
her brother. it was an incredibly moving story.

in a day or two, my elderly neighbor came peekin'
in my studio window. she couldn't get around to
my door as it was a swamp.

i laughed, ran up to the kitchen door to meet her.

she had a huge bag of leftover candy for the guys.

we laughed and chatted on my back porch for a bit.
a scene we've been repeating for years and years.

the next morning i slipped a card into my neighbor's
mailbox...the one who lost her brother.

last nite they knocked on my studio door and came
in for a little visit. the fact that they even know
to come around back to find me, makes me smile.

we talked of their son coming home from the war and
the troubles he was having. she asked me of a loss
that i had had...and we shared a little life together.

i was thinking of the whole string of events here
this morning as i walked.

i love having a neighborhood. or at least a street....
where we can all check in on each other. i love that.

i love the part about even when life can be so hard
and dark and trying....people can stand around talking
about it and sharing it and there's this feeling there...
i don't know......maybe it's a touch of god in it all.
i don't know.

but that feeling......
that feeling of caring and understanding....
the feeling of neighbors reachin' out to each other.....

just a little touch of god.


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Mechthild of Magdeburg says, "The day of my spiritual awakening was the day I saw all things in God and God in all things.