Monday, November 16, 2009

living it

i'm sitting here doin' some mindless work...
and i was thinking about yesterday.

i rotated the tires on my car. the guys guided
me thru it all and advised me every step of the
way...but i wanted to learn, i wanted to do it.

i wasn't thinking and i was just chatting with
zakk and i said something about 'twirling' the
tires....he looked at me, stopped me mid sentence
and said 'um,'s ROTATING the tires.'

i laughed.

oh yeah.
not twirling.

then i was tightening one of those lug nut things
and i was asking yo about it and i said something
about snuggling it all in tight.

he looked at me with total disdain and said
'you get it SNUG.'

and i burst out laughing again.

oh yeah.
not snuggled in.

i had to stand on the lug wrench to loosen the
lug nuts. so i stood on it and would float down
towards the ground as they loosened.
that was a thrill every time.

i thanked the guys up and down for being so patient
with me and teaching me.

yo looked at me....
'you're fun to teach, mom, you get so excited about

i was thinking of all that just now.
mingled in with bob's dad gettin' ready to pass.


living it.

sharing it with the ones i love.

i had told bob this story. then later when we
talked about traveling to see his pop, i expressed
concern that it was me who had just rotated the tires
on the car we'd take.

i could hear the smile over the phone.
'don't worry, you got the tires all snuggled in.'

i laughed.


we gotta be aware, ya know?
we gotta live it. every part of it.
cause we only have so long........
even twirling the tires...being with the guys...
all of it....

we gotta be aware....


Anonymous said...

Ahhh... It sure is nice to begin my day with a chuckle.
I'll think of you now anytime I see someone twirling the tires and remind them to get the lug nuts all snuggled in. You're so much fun!!!!


Merry ME said...

You are beautiful!
It would never ever have occurred to me to twirl my own tires.
I love this story.

Patricia Michael Melnice said...

you are a gem, Ter!!