Friday, November 13, 2009

lookin' the universe in the

so i listened to that song again on the
treadmill this morning.....
among others....and i got inspired.
and i got to thinking.....
and i flipped back and listened to the
song again.....with a different perspective....

there's stuff in there about bein' your best,
that your number's been called and it's time
to do your best.....

it occurred to me that your number bein' called
doesn't have to be the big number calling....
the last number calling.

your number gets called all thru life.

step up here. and time to step up here.
and yep.....time to step up right over here.

again and again and again.......
and those are always times to do your best.

i feel kinda like i'm in a number being called
time for me right now.

small one.
but one just the same.

work's been slow. way slower than it 'should' be.
and that makes me mopey.

sounds a little silly when you're thinking of your
number being called.....

but ya holds a lotta weight around here
for me. a whole lotta weight. and then the mopey runs
into other things.

there's some other stuff makin' me mopey.
i think i have it. i think i see the light, then i don't.
stuff hangin' over my heart right now that just makes it
heavy. add work bein' slow.....and i get mopey.

well......i got inspired by the song.....
and thinking that it's time to step up.
i thought i had several times these past few weeks,
only to get something else knock me back.

but i got to thinking about trust. and i was doin'
my thing on the treadmill, listenin' to this song,
thinking about trust......

i've got to do my best....

for me......that's all about trust.
i've got to step up and really really trust.

the time is now.....

i still feel heavy.
and i'm okay with that.
i've got my yin yang principal in mind.
there's always heavy. and this heavy right now
has to do with stuff goin' on this month.
it's gonna be a heavy month.

there's heavy.

and it may very well be way way slower than
i would ever pick for this time of year and work.
there's slow.

but when i think of all that i've been shown over
the past eight years about trust......

i know it's time to step up.
look the universe in the
and say 'okay.
i got it. i'm trusting.'
and know it's all okay.

i think i've been too busy moping to see that til

to me, this is earnin' the good stuff.
this right here.
and i want to earn it.
cause i know i can.

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