Friday, November 13, 2009

one of the most beautiful pictures i've ever seen...

if you haven't read about lady fair and patty yet
over at the tough angels site, i'm nudging you
once again.

patty's actually pulled off building a house
for lady fair and all the children that live with
lady fair! you can read about it here.

patty posted this picture up on face book today.
and for anyone who's not over there, i wanted to share this
with you. i put the edging on it....but it didn't really
need it....i just did it cause i wanted to touch it somehow.
i wanted to just touch the picture.

it's quite possibly one of the most beautiful pictures
i've ever seen in my life.

it's of patty and lady fair.

sometimes the world makes me fall to my knees and weep
with sadness for all the pain in it.

and then sometimes.....amidst that very pain, is this
beauty that is so blinding that it too can make me
fall to my knees. in an entirely different way.

this is one of those pictures....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow! You can almost touch the love. You certainly can see it and feel it. Lovely!
New favorite photo? I think so! Thx.