Saturday, November 14, 2009

september song

i had a dream about my dad last nite.
wasn't good.

it was in the middle of the nite.
i woke up and thought 'okay, give me some
dreams that will help me with all this, okay?'

i had a lot more dreams after that.
don't remember much of anything or any of
the meanings.....

but as i walked out of my bedroom tiny bits
of an old old song went thru my head.
'oh the days dwindle down to a precious few....'

and that's all i had.
i could hear it. but that's all i had.
i didn't know what song.......i just knew my
dad really liked it, whatever it was.

yo yo found it for me and i went to youtube
to hear it.......

frank sinatra singing september song.

my dad loved this song.

how totally weird.
i have no idea what happened last nite in my head....

but i'm listening to this song, thinking of my dad
and cryin' just a little bit.....

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