Sunday, November 15, 2009

september song part two

okay....if you haven't read the post below,
september song, start there.

here's the ending to the story....

i kept thinking i needed to ask my mom if
this song had any particular significance to

i tried to call her all day.
once even when i was out having coffee with
josh and bob. i really kept being pulled to
ask. this is totally out of the norm. i rarely

finally got her last nite.

she had had a great day and was telling me
all about it. we talked for a bit about that
stuff and then i said 'listen, mom, the reason
i'm calling is i was wondering if there was
any kinda meaning to the song 'september song'
for dad.'

i could feel the electricity sizzle across the
phone lines.

she had been chatty and laughing.
and i felt this sizzle.

she got hushed.

and her whole voice changed.

'that song meant a lot to your dad and i both.
it was our song.'

and she proceeded to tell me about it and then
said 'i was just singing it yesterday when i was
taking a walk.'

seriously? i asked.
and she went on to tell my why and tell me the
whole story.

i had explained that it had been runnin' thru me
when i woke up and i had dreamed about dad.

i didn't feel like it would do anyone any good to
tell her it wasn't a good dream for me. i just said
it was an 'ordinary' dream. not like one i felt like
dad was talkin' to me or anything like that.
and i had asked my other dreams for help and i woke
up with that song. just a piece of it.

i stood there feeling her shock and the impact on

'maybe i was sposed to hand that to you.' i said.

she sure thought so. and was totally moved.

the whole story is too weird.
and maybe i was sposed to give that to my mom.
their wedding anniversary is next week.
it's also the anniversary of the day we lost another
family member. so i thought i'd hang with her that day
and make the day a little easier for her.

now i feel like i just gave her an anniversary gift.
and maybe the day WILL be a little easier for her.

and that part feels good.

my inner struggles? still there.
what the heck tho. one step at a time.


AlmightyHeidi said...

Ohh very awesome story...I love that you listened..about the dream, the song, and the little tug to tell it your mom...this is just the begginning of the ride if you let it!!

Merry ME said...

There is a mystery to the Divine. Amazing, isn't it, when we pick up the messages sent to our hearts.

Thanks for sharing this story. I will carry it with me.