Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the noise outside. the noise inside.

i sat in my back yard to think today.
i watched a leaf fall and hit the ground.
i listened to the sound.
it makes a great sound when it hits all
the other leaves on the ground.

i wanna hear it again, i thought.
and so i sat and listened.

ohmygosh....what is all that noise??
we always hear traffic in my yard....
but this was never ending traffic/car/
truck noises.

i got so distracted.

does it always sound like this and i'm
just now noticing???

i saw a leaf not too far off fall.
i couldn't hear it hit.
way too much background noise.

what is that about??

i finally gave up...went inside.
bumped into zakk.

zakk, you gotta tell me if this is normal.

so i dragged him out to the back porch.

no. that's louder. he said.

cause it's too loud.
and i wondered if i was goin' crazy.

hopefully it's just a temporary thing.

hopefully it's just like the noise of life.

sometimes you don't notice it.
sometimes you can hear leaves fall and be
moved by the sound. and sometimes you can't
hear anything soft and gentle happening
around you.

it just depends on the day.
and the noise inside you.


t2 said...

"the noise inside you" --- you are so right about that, Ter. I have noticed the same thing over here. Sometimes it just seems like the traffic and background noise is louder than others. But it also has MUCH to do with inner dialogue. There is a saying that I love...."the more quiet we become, the more we are able to hear."

Melissa said...

on a day when the not so great noises of life are drowning out every happy sound for me.... this helped turn down the volume on that yucky noise just a bit. Thanks....