Wednesday, November 18, 2009


this just fell out of my book.
i had hand written these out.
i know the second one has to be from
women who run with the wolves.
i'm not sure about this first one...

more sharing..

'you will be called upon to account
for all the permitted pleasures in life
you did not enjoy while on earth.'

and then...

'to repair injured instinct, banish
naivete, and over time to learn the deepest
aspects of psyche and soul,
to hold on to what we have learned,
to not turn away,
to speak out for what we stand for...
all this takes a boundless and mystical
when we come up out of the underworld after
one of our undertakings there, we may appear
unchanged outwardly, but inwardly we have
reclaimed a vast and womanly wildness.
on the surface we are still friendly, but
beneath the skin, we are most definitely
no longer tame.'

smilin' big time here......


AlmightyHeidi said...


Merry ME said...

Of all the people I know who indulge in the "permitted pleasured in life" you have to lead the pack. I think your accounting of such will keep the Divine CPA entertained for a good long while.

I saw some clouds and a sunset tonight that made think of you, but I couldn't drive and photograph at the same time ... go figure!