Thursday, November 19, 2009

beamin' everyone...(part three)

in a total act of humility here, i will
admit to doing something that sounds stupid.

i beam love at people thru my eyes sometimes
on purpose.

i said it.

sometimes i just consciously think i want to
beam some love at someone, and so i do.
thru my eyes.
i usually scrunch my cheeks like some kinda
beam trigger.

i'm laughing.
this is actually true.
this is so embarrassing.

but it matters to the there ya have it.

i started thinking about beaming light to everyone
i knew who was struggling right now.

ohmygosh, way harder than i ever imagined.

some were easy.
i started there.
i threw in my kids, cause i love to beam light at them.
they are so easy. the light kinda transforms into this
big ol' light hug. then i beamed bob and laughed. that
wrapped all around him and bounced off in a million
directions...just a whole lot there.
and then i turned to the harder ones.
and the tears started coming.

there's been anger and frustration and resentment
and all kindsa negative things mixed in with a lot of
this stuff.

that left.

you can't beam love and still hold that stuff.
it left.

compassion entered in.
and tears rolled down my cheeks.

one person woudln't turn and look at me.
he stared away from me. angry look on his face.
i had to try really hard. i found a place of love,
and beamed him.

he didn't change.
but i did.

maybe just for a moment.
i don't know.

but i was filling up with compassion with each
beaming. the tears were rollin'.

and i was touching sacred over and over again.

reaching out to others.
those are the things bob and i had mentioned
that did wonders for people.
don't forget compassion.
that's a big one.

and something else.....
something i don't understand enough to even try
to put into words....

the touching of the sacred, the knowing without
understanding of the holy.

that happened to me this morning.
and i'm still filled with it.

i think maybe some of those beams beamed my brain
or something.

cause i'm different right now.
still touched by the holy.
and not even sure what that means.

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