Monday, November 23, 2009


nap didn't work....
but i did spend some quiet time with
myself just concentrating on loving myself.
it was nice.

i got back up, did a few things i had to do,
then took a little tea break.

decided that if i'm gonna go headlong into a
week of i don't know what, then i'm gonna get
centered and ready inside.

so what did i do??
i went to my girlfriend's blogs!!!
i found that fascinating.....i just wanted to be
with them. i'm not done. got a few more to check
then i'm gonna hit the ground runnin' and i'm not
sure when i'll stop.

but i tell ya what.....i'm gonna concentrate on
grace. and to do that, i wanted to start by soakin'
up some of my friends' energy.

my women friends are my strength.
gosh, i love them.

thought i'd share one of the blogs with you too.
check out ms. almighty heidi's latest poetic
that will knock you to your knees....

bowing to you guys out there....
i'm headin' out to tackle the world with a little
grace and grit.....

1 comment:

AlmightyHeidi said...

wow wow wow...soo glad this touched you...awesome goosebumpy feeling here ;O)