Monday, November 23, 2009

nap time...

i took a stroll around the block this morning.
can't tell if it's an overcast day or i just went
out too early for the sun...
nice and gray and gentle.

just what i needed.

i was kinda wrapping the morning around me,
gettin' a hug from the universe when i heard someone
cough in the distance.

i looked over.
who's out here?
and i laughed at myself.

i've gotten pretty possessive of my morning.
this is MY morning. who the heck is out in it??

ah, i guess they can have some of it too.

my week couldn't be more up in the air this week.
there couldn't be more 'what about this?' stuff
goin' on.

i need to be on overdrive to make everything happen.

and i decided that i'm gonna go take a little nap.
there's just too much goin' on for me to handle
with grace at the moment.

so a nap is in order.

THEN i'll work on holding the moments with grace.

i feel like i'm giving myself such a big present.

i noticed i needed it....and i'm not denying it
from myself.

that in itself will do wonders for me.....

1 comment:

Merry ME said...

Wishi I could wrap you in grace and peace and beauty and love, but I think the Divine One has already done that.

Have a great day.