Sunday, November 22, 2009

a favorite moment...

we don't have nearly enough time together.
and tryin' to make it work with what we do
sometimes can be totally frustrating.
but then there's the times we pull it off
so well that it stuns me.

yesterday was one of those days.

among many incredible moments, one of
my favorites was when we were sitting
at lunch and i started tellin' him something
i'd been reading and thinking about.

he looked at me and said 'i totally disagree.'

that was one of my favorite moments.

for me there's not too many people in my life
who can say that to me and i want to hear
their thoughts.

most don't say it.
those that do generally annoy me and i don't
there are a few that can say it and i want
to hear.
he is one of those few.

the respect involved in an honest exchange
like that tickles the daylights out of me.

my women friends and i will usually say
something like 'okay, i get that, but what
about this?'....and we'll keep goin' in a really
inclusive kinda way.

we word things gentle and we take care of each
other as we go.

he just puts it out there.
and in return, i do the same.

and we respect the thoughts enough to actually

the listening is the gift that one gives.
the thoughts are the gift the other gives.
the end results of all of that is the gift
we both get.

and you can't get that without a ton of
respect and trust.

and all that wraps up into a thousand other

and i just love that part between us.

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