Saturday, November 21, 2009

quite a day

we were driving home.
it was dark.

we started talkin' about how we did with
the day and what all it had meant to us.

somehow the rain the nite before came up.

i talked about it crying.
made me think of my blog.

i told them that i had tried to blog about
my feelings that morning and it took me five
or six tries. that i had trouble getting
into words where i was.

i grabbed josh's iphone and pulled up my 'amen'
blog and read it to the guys right there in the
dark as we were pullin' out of my home town.

my voice wobbled at the end...'i will hold today
with all the grace that i can...i will honor you
in the beauty that is me.'

there was a pause.

'well, you certainly pulled that off, mom.'
one of them said. 'you really did' another agreed.

i made a joke about it.
told them of the rough start i had right out of the
gate and how i wasn't sure i was gonna pull any grace
off at all today.

but i knew i had.
i could tell from the hug i got at the end.
i knew i had.

and my sons were right there with me, rooting me on.
and.......beyond rooting me on.....
they were doing the same thing......without even thinking
about it.

they were doin' the same thing.

i had to concentrate on doin' it.

they just naturally lived it right there next to me.

i looked out at the lights in the darkness, looked
up at the dark sky....and thanked the universe for
their grace and beauty....for their very presence.

it was quite a day.

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Patricia Michael Melnice said...

I am proud of you Sister! We are learning with every passing day our own self-worth. And grace . . . yes, girl - you have grace, all right!

Loving you and your boys from afar.