Friday, November 20, 2009

to write love on her arms

i was on youtube tryin' to find a good link
to put here when my speakers went out on my

prolly a good thing as i woulda sat and listened
to all the links there...and there's a lot.


i'll just point anyone who wants to be pointed....

if you haven't heard of 'to write love on her arms'
you may want to.

it's an important group working with teens and

there's a newscast there to give you the scoop,
there's the founder of the group, the girl who's
story started the group, and whole buncha stuff.

if you or anyone you know's depressed, check this
place out.

i've got my tee shirt on today from them.

google them:
to write love on her arms.

youtube them:
to write love on her arms.

there's a lot there!

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