Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ringing in my ears

i knew i had to call, but didn't know what
i'd say.

didn't seem to matter, he was taking the lead.
i knew he did that when he didn't want the
conversation to go in certain places.

okay, i thought....i'll follow.

and so i followed.
until he sorta opened the door.

i stepped thru.
'i don't know how to be there for you guys
this week. can you help me with that?'

'let's just talk about other things,' he said.
and he explained to me why.

'of course,' i answered.
and we talked of other things.
except his other things were screaming this
one thing. he never knew it.

but it was deafening on my end.

the ringing in my ears is still with me
this morning.......

1 comment:

Merry ME said...

I have found that it is often in the silence we hear what we need to hear. Perhaps that's all he needed, was some silence, i.e. not going there. You honored that and perhaps that was all you need to do.