Tuesday, November 17, 2009

someting i needed

i walked one way so i could see the sky's stage.
i stood off to the side and soaked it up like
a sponge. i needed it. i was feeding on it.

then i walked the other way so i could view
what i now call the field's stage. the colors
in that field constantly take my breath away.
i stood off to the side again...soaking...feeding.

i walked back to the sky's stage.
i wasn't done yet.

i thought of how i felt like i was dehydrated
and i was soaking up something i needed.

something i needed.

i had been walking wondering how to love myself
in trying to love others. how not to lose myself
and my own needs in trying to help others.

i got no answers.
but i got something i needed.
the sky.
the field.
the soaking up of them.

and that mattered so much to me today.

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