Thursday, November 19, 2009

singing to myself...

tonite's an emotional one for me.
and so i thought i'd time the treadmill
and get movin' on that to set a decent mood.

how did i ever keep my sanity without that

i got on there and disappeared.
thing is, some of the places i went to were

i flashed back to some things i didn't want
to flash back to. but i did.

and i walked on that thing and i cried and
i cried and i walked harder and i cried harder.

i walked myself outta that place and into
a better one.

i was finishing up and i said 'no, wait...
one more song...'

it's a song i have on my ipod because it makes
me think of someone i love.
it's about bein there for them in the darkness.

i'll put that on some days and sing it to them
in my mind.

tonite....i decided to sing it to me.

and so i did.

i decided to run thru that one.....
and i sang it to me in my
head.....sang to myself how i'd be there no matter
what and when it didn't feel like i could get up
again, i'd be there....

i sang my little heart out.

i'm drinkin' water, sweatin, and thinkin how
we really are our own best friends.

we just have to remember that......

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